Welcome to our blog! Brandon and I have been married for two years and both work in full-time corporate jobs in Birmingham, AL. We have a passion for traveling and spending our spare time outdoors. You will find us hiking on the weekends or on a short weekend getaway. We believe that life should be spent on experiences and not possessions.

As with most things I do, I plan and do as much research as possible and this was no different. Most blog-tip websites suggest that you post at least 2-3 times per week. If I am being realistic, we may post once a week, if that. For now, this will be a great side project but if there are any companies out there that would like to pay for us to travel the world full time…let us know when to start!


Ruffner Mountain, Birmingham, AL, January 2016

About Brandon: I was born in Fort Worth, TX, but have lived all across America. After Texas my family moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL where I got to experience South Florida beaches and Hurricane Andrew. With threes years of Florida under our belt it was time to move up to New Canaan, CT where I lived my more formable years of 2nd grade till 5th grade. My summers in Connecticut included sports and adventure camp where I backpacked, camped, explored caves and learned how to repel. From Connecticut we headed out west to town in Pasadena, California called La Cañada. We spent a short 13 months in California, but I got to experience a lot in that little of time from the Venice Beach boardwalk to San Francisco and the Sequoia National Forest. After another pitstop back in New Canaan my family made its way down to Birmingham, AL in 2005 where I met a girl, followed her to Auburn University and well…now we’re here.

Blood Mountain, Dahlonega, GA, April 2015

About Courtney: I was born and raised in the South, the youngest of three girls. When I was young I was always outside, usually exploring the woods behind my pre-suburb house or a nearby creek in my neighborhood. I specifically remember my first hike/camping trip with my dad as an Indian Princess (basically a cooler version of a girl scout). I was 6 years old. My passion for the outdoors, traveling and photography only increased as I got older. When I am in the middle of the woods or in a new place I feel the most at peace. Just getting away for a few hours or days gives me a new energy for life. My parents typically ask me if we can even afford this next big adventure I am planning as a newly married couple and I normally have the same reply: What else do you make money for? My thought is your going to spend it on something one day and I would rather travel while I still can. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Obviously I married a financial analyst so he keeps me in check. I’m lucky to have found someone who not only shares my passion but also keeps me balanced.

I got the idea to start this blog after multiple requests from friends and family for recommendations for hiking trails as well as travel advice. I document most of my travels in a journal so this blog will help bring my words and my photography together. I recently received some indirect inspiration from two close friends following their dreams (Shout out to Days with Dad and Basic., LLC).