moss rock


Most outsiders don’t realize how amazing the hiking scene is around Birmingham. We have four favorite spots and Moss Rock, a 349 acre nature preserve in Hoover is one of our favorites. We even had our engagement pictures taken here. Be sure to check out the Boulder Field, SandStone Glade and Upper Falls when you visit. This can be an easy hike for beginners or challenging depending on which trail head you choose. For an easy in and out hike we suggest parking and entering at the Boulder Field Trail Head at 617 Preserve Parkway. This entrance has a gravel parking lot and is close to some great restaurants at the Preserve. We typically will do a morning hike and grab a beer/lunch at Vecchio Pizzeria or The Boot. Since this is an easy hike, it tends to get very crowded in the afternoon. We would suggest getting there in the morning to avoid the crowds. The Boulder Fields at Moss Rock is the best place in Birmingham to rock climb.

If your looking for a little bit more of a challenge, we suggest entering at the Sulphur Springs Trail Head at 4600 Preserve Pkwy and taking the Blue Trail to the Boulder Field.

Our favorite trails which can be accessed by either trail head are the blue, white and red. Here is an easy to read map of the trails.



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